Day 4: Happy Camp to Sparks Lake

Just a bit of travelling… we started off the day bright and early from Happy Camp so we could make it to Sparks Lake at a decent time of day.

All throughout Happy Camp and environs there are signs proclaiming “No Monument” – nearly every property has at least one. We were puzzled until we had a chance to look it up. It turns out that there is a push from KS Wild to turn a large portion of land (of which Happy Camp is surrounded by) into the Siskiyou Crest National Monument. The people of Happy Camp claim that this will ruin their livelihoods, as so many of them rely on the national forest for both subsistence hunting and fishing and recreation. We won’t take sides!

Finally bought a new power adapter, so the camera batteries will be charged up.

We stopped at a cute diner called Patty’s Kitchen in Gold Hill for breakfast (definitely recommended if you’re passing through).

After that, it was onward to the Soda Creek Campground at Sparks Lake. We had a bunch of time to relax before dark, so Heather scouted out the Ray Atkeson Memorial Trail to find the best places to take photographs at sunrise (more on that tomorrow), and we relaxed for the evening.

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